Tuition & Fees (2015/16)

    That we are an average of more than $1,000 a year below the tuition of other area schools?
Grade Registration Tuition
(1/2 Day)
$250 $6,500*
(Full Day)
$250 $9,800*
Elementary School
1st – 5th
$250 $11,200*
Middle School
6th – 8th
$250 $11,300
High School
9th – 12th
$250 $12,200**
Church Employee
$250 $5,000

* Includes K-5th grade classroom supplies, textbooks, and activity fees.
** Additional $300 for the STEM and Masterwork Studios programs.

Tuition Discounts

Multi-Student Discount

Tuition discounts are offered to families with more than one student enrolled and to Church employees. The following discounts are offered:

  • 2nd child – $500
  • 3rd child and beyond – $750
  • Church employees – Based on need and resources available

Long Term Family Discount

Students who enroll for their fifth consecutive year will receive a $50 registration fee credit towards tuition. Each subsequent consecutive year, an additional $50 credit will be awarded. Students enrolling for their ninth consecutive year will have all their registration fee credited towards tuition.

Three Year Lock

This option will allow you to lock in the present tuition rate for three years if you prepay. If you are financially in a position to consider this, you could save significant money, especially if you have more than one student at CCS. Unfortunately, we do not know what the specific amount of future tuition increases may be, but it is reasonable to expect increases that will at least equal cost of living increases.

Grandparent Gift and Lock

The IRS has ruled in a particular case that grandparents can prepay years of tuition for their grandchildren and avoid any gift tax limitations. We are not tax advisors, so we want to avoid saying too much about IRS laws and regulations. However, if you are a grandparent and are interested, please call our business office and we will provide further information as well as direct you to your tax advisor for professional counsel on this matter.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is paid in one of six ways:

  • Payment in Full (3% discount)
  • Payment in Full by Credit Card (No discount)
  • Payment by Semester
  • 4 Quarterly Electronic Funds Transfer- $41 set up fee
  • 10 Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (June – March) – $41 set up fee
  • 11 Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (June – April) – $41 set up fee

Tuition payments are not prorated for illness or suspensions. Tuition payments must be on time in order to maintain enrollment.