Discipline Policy

Cherokee Christian School views discipline as not simply punishment, but as training in righteousness, with the goal of Godliness (1 Timothy 4:7). The responsibility for discipline lies primarily with the parents, with the school assisting them as they fulfill their God-given obligation (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Ephesians 6:4).

Discipline is primarily a parental responsibility. It is up to the parents to see to it that the students behave properly. Parents do not relinquish their responsibility to the school. Rather, the school is here to support the parents in their discipline. If the school and the home are not working together on discipline, whatever the school does will be ineffective. While we employ various methods, the responsibility for student compliance finally rests with the parents, not with the school.

Attendance at Cherokee Christian School is a privilege, not a right. Any student whose conduct or attitude in or out of school shows him to be in opposition to the basic principles and purposes of the school will face dismissal.

Middle/High School Demerit and Detention System

In the middle and high school, we have instituted a demerit/detention system of discipline. A student will receive a demerit for any disrespectful, rebellious or disruptive behavior.  If a student receives a demerit the teacher will fill out a Student Demerit Form which documents the incident.  The student must have the demerit signed by a parent and return it to their homeroom teacher the following school day at check-in.

Demerits accrue over each 9-week grading period.  If a student receives 3 demerits in a 9-week period the student will serve a detention on the date designated.  Additional demerits will earn an additional detention at 1 per demerit.

A student who receives his or her sixth demerit in a 9-week period will immediately receive a one-day suspension and be placed on Behavioral Probation for the remainder of the quarter. Students on Behavioral Probation are not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities, and continued behavioral issues will result in expulsion.

Additional demerits beyond the 6th will earn detentions at 1 per demerit. A student who receives his or her ninth demerit in a 9-week period will immediately receive a two-day suspension and will be considered for expulsion.

An administrator may, at his or her discretion, suspend a student if the student’s behavior is such that more than one demerit is warranted.  An example of this would be a student who is physically or verbally defiant to correction.  An administrator may, at his or her discretion, place a student on Behavioral Probation if warranted.

Behavioral Probation

A student may be placed on behavioral probation for any instance of behavior which is dangerous to any other person while under school control, or for a pattern of irresponsible behavior which reflects an attitude of hardheartedness and unrepentance. The time period of behavioral probation will be up to the discretion of the Principal, and will be commensurate with the seriousness of the offense. Further offenses during probation will result in a recommendation for expulsion or encouragement to seek education elsewhere. At the end of the probation period, the Principal, after counsel with the student, his/her teachers, and his/her parents, may take further action including the following options: an additional probationary period if some promising change is evident, expulsion from school, or lifting of probation and restoration to full, responsible membership in the body.

A student on behavioral probation may not represent the school in any public contact, contests, meetings, activities with other schools or the general public, extracurricular activities, or public events such as sports or drama performances. The student may, however, continue to participate in practice sessions.

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