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The middle school offers two distinct programs – Middle 5/6 and Middle 7/8 – each tailored to meet the unique academic, social, and spiritual needs of students in fifth through eighth grade. Both programs are designed to optimize this important time of development and transition from elementary school to the rigors of high school work.

Middle 5/6

The Middle 5/6 program enables students and parents to take a meaningful step rather than a running leap into the middle school years. The school day schedule consists of classes taught in a single classroom by a primary teacher, as well as classes taught by subject specialists in math, science and writing that meet in different classrooms. Students will, therefore, benefit from the predictable routine and style of a primary teacher for part of the day, while also learning to manage lockers, change classes, and interact with different core subject teachers.

In addition, the Middle 5/6 program introduces students to interest-based electives and character-enrichment classes a few days each week. They also have their own weekly chapel time with music and teaching that is grade-level appropriate.

For more information about this program, click here to download a Middle 5/6 Q&A.

Middle 7/8

The Middle 7/8 program is designed to help students successfully navigate the downhill slope toward high school. The school day closely mirrors that of the high school with seven distinct class periods on a full day bell schedule. Students are afforded the opportunity to be more independent while learning to manage their time effectively. Each of their five core classes may be taught by a different teacher, so students must adapt to various teaching styles and class expectations as part of their preparation for high school and beyond.

8th Grade Medieval Banquet

The Middle 7/8 program offers students a broad range of interest-based electives each semester that provide opportunities for them to explore and develop their gifts and talents. Students also enjoy their own weekly chapel time with a student-led band and worship team, grade-level appropriate teaching, and periodic small group sessions that focus on life application of Biblical truth. In addition, the character-enrichment classes are aimed at challenging students to mature individually and to pursue fruitful, God-honoring cultural impact.

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