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Supporting a Biblical World and Life View

Our purpose in all of what we teach is to ultimately lead a child into a growing relationship with Christ, being prepared to serve Him in the community with a mind that has a Biblical world and life view. There are five means of accomplishing that goal:

Curriculum Materials

The use of a Bible curriculum that thoroughly reviews the Old and New Testaments and teaches an understanding of God’s character, commandments, and how He deals with His people. You may view our current Bible curriculum document here.

Scripture Memory

Memorization of Scripture that tracks along with the particular part of the Bible that is being studied. This is the way that we pray the children will “hide God’s Word in their hearts,” later to be brought to mind by the Holy Spirit in order to live faithfully to God.

Godly Examples

Observation of the living curriculum- the teachers- that model Christ to the children on a daily basis. We must have teachers of great Christian character so the children can see that the Christian life is not just duty and responsibility, but love and joy!


Cherokee Christian Primary School conducts Chapel once each week with the time including singing of praise and worship songs and a message from the Word of God. Cherokee Christian Secondary School conducts Chapel once each week, bringing in various speakers who share their faith, expound on Scripture, and challenge all students to live out their Christian faith.

Bible Building Blocks of Faith

Systematically memorizing basic Biblical truths is a great way for children to build blocks of faith in their hearts. Children will learn the answers to approximately 20 questions each year. This method of teaching was the primary way that parents, schools and churches taught their children the faith in the early years of the Protestant churches. The total of 139 questions and answers start with “Who made you?” and hits the most important points in the Bible. The questions are divided into 7 sections (K through 6th grades). You will find an example below of the first 5 questions that are used in Kindergarten.

  1. Who made you?
    Answer: God.
  2. What else did God make?
    Answer: God made all things.
  3. Why did God make you and all things?
    Answer: For his own glory.
  4. How can you glorify God?
    Answer: By loving Him and doing what He commands.
  5. Why ought you glorify God?
    Answer: Because He made me and takes care of me.