National Test Scores for CCHS

College Readiness

The latest published statistics available show that 53% of the Cherokee County public school students were  HOPE eligible, while 86% of the graduates from Cherokee Christian High School were eligible for the HOPE Scholarship.1

The SAT test is given to seniors and the chart illustrates the superior scores that CCHS students are achieving. When thinking about comparisons to the county, state, and country, it is important to note that only 59% of the students in our county took the SAT test, while 100% of the CCHS students take the test. Therefore, we are comparing all of the CCHS results to only a select group of the county schools.2


Warrior Trivia

Warrior Trivia

Did You Know?

The top three destinations for CCHS graduates are UGA, Georgia Tech and KSU!


Here are the top five Georgia public high schools ranked by most recent published SAT scores (there are 493 public high schools in Georgia).

  1. (1364) Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology 
  2. (1275) Northview High School
  3. (1240) Chatahoochee High School
  4. (1262) Walton High School 
  5. (1237) Columbus High School 

How do Cherokee Christian High School’s SAT scores compare to the top five Georgia public high schools? Cherokee Christian High Schools’s 2019 SAT average score of 1234 would place CCHS at #6 in the state compared to the top five public high schools .

If you compare the scores of the graduating Cherokee Christian STEM and Masterworks students (1310) to the scores of the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology (1364), Cherokee Christian would be #2 in the state .

If you consider the SAT scores for students who have attended Cherokee Christian High School for grades 9-12, the average SAT score for those students is 1242, or 3rd in the state! 

If you consider the top 25% scores of CCHS students, the average score is 1382 .