For Technical / Vocational School

For those students who do not plan to attend a four year college or university, the Cornerstone Pathway may be the perfect pathway. Students will be required to take three years of math and there is no foreign language requirement (the college prep requirement is four years of math, four years of science, and two years of foreign language).

While the state of Georgia does not have requirements for entrance into a technical college, the Cornerstone Pathway provides a cornerstone for any student to enroll in a two year college and subsequently work towards entrance into a four year college or university if desired.

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Bible 4.0 Bible is required each semester a student is enrolled at CCHS. Courses may include: Old Testament, New Testament, Doctrine of Creation, Wisdom Literature and Philosophy and Ethics.
English 4.0 English 9, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature
Social Studies 3.0 Must include at least 1 unit of world history, 1 unit of US history, and 1 unit of government/ economics
Mathematics 3.0 Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
Science 4.0 Introduction to Biology, Conceptual Physics, two additional science courses 
Physical Education/ Health 1.0 Physical Education and Health 
General Electives 4.0 A variety of Fine Arts, Technical or education electives, which may include: Conceptual Drawing, 3D Modeling, Studio Art, Drama, Office Productivity, Computer Programming or Personal Finance.