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What Is Masterwork Studios?

The answer is broader than one first thinks. A studio is a loft apartment in New York, or perhaps a scenic overlook at a European university. It conjures up images of art classes for some and dark rooms for others; but all of these are little more than cinema tropes. A studio is the place where artists gather, informing, critiquing and honing their craft.

Cherokee Christian High School won’t stop there. When the Lord gave Moses instructions for the Tabernacle, he gave skill and wisdom to Bezalel and Oholiab to execute the design, a Masterwork of metal, gems and carpentry. As David considers the vast artistry of heaven, he is humbled by the attention paid to man. The tradition continues in Solomon, even as Wisdom is personified in Proverbs, a master builder helping to order creation. There are plenty of programs out there, many of them have arts offerings, but it is the emphasis on worldview which makes this one distinct.

Apply To Masterwork Studios

The arts are far from limited to the visual arts, they encompass the liberal arts as well. When historian J.R.R. Tolkien began his relationship with philosopher and literary scholar C.S. Lewis, the refining of both Narnia and Middle Earth began with those men. The artists’ guilds in Renaissance Italy also shaped the inventive mind of Leonardo Da Vinci. And the message of Scripture is only enhanced by its inherent artistry.

So why a studio? Broadly speaking, we see a need for a process that combines hands on experience with a guiding worldview emphasizing the need for a re-marriage of wisdom and skill. A studio provides unique opportunities for practice, instruction and interaction at multiple levels. As individualism continues to isolate, a studio’s emphasis on communal practice is a needed countermeasure.

The effects are felt far more practically as well. Whatever the future holds for a high school student, deep thinkers with creative problem solving abilities and effective communication skills are always in demand. Our Masterwork Studios enable a student to choose a particular Liberal or Fine Art; but all of our students receive training in writing and speaking above and beyond what other programs at CCHS offer.

This program presents us with a unique opportunity. A moment where we can both provide excellent coursework to interested students and a chance to reunite creativity with wisdom. CCHS presents Masterwork Studios for your consideration.

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Bible ** **Bible is required each semester a student is enrolled at CCHS. Courses may include: New Testament, Church History, Doctrine of Creation, Wisdom Literature and Philosophy and Ethics
English 4.0 English 9 and American Literature are required. Additional courses may include: British Literature, World Literature, or Advanced English classes as available.
Social Studies 4.0 Must include at least 1 unit of world history or geography, 1 unit of US history, and 1 unit of government/ economics
Mathematics 4.0 Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and another math beyond those (such as Pre-Calculus or Advanced Algebra/ Trig)
Science 4.0 Must include Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and one additional science course.
Foreign Language 2.0 Must be two credits in the same foreign language.
Physical Education/ Health 1.0 Physical Education and Health
Electives 3.0 Two credits of relevant Masterwork electives and successful completion of a Capstone project