STEM Internships

Giving Students Exposure to STEM in the Workplace

Internships provide opportunities for application of learned information as well as exposure to the “real world” where STEM interacts in the workplace. Cherokee Christian High School enjoys relationships with businesses in the local community including the prestigious Georgia Aquarium.

With STEM internships, students receive direction and oversight from Dr. Greg Bossart and Chris Caldwell (CCHS Director of STEM) as they are assigned challenging projects designed to reveal new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The relationship with the Cherokee Christian School STEM internship program continued in 2016 with two more interns. Senior Benjimen Goss worked under the guidance of Project Coordinator Harry Webb to generate most probable movement tracks of whale sharks and manta rays from satellite telemetry data acquired during Aquarium research expeditions in St. Helena and northeast Florida.

Fellow Senior Benjamin Koehler was mentored by Aquarium Nutritionist Dr. Lisa Hoopes and worked on a project to assess the nutritional quality of the common hobbyist live food source, Daphnia sp., when gut loaded with various diets. The students spent the summer working on their individual projects then gave a presentation at the conclusion of their internship. We wish both students the best of luck.

In 2015, Chris DeGuira and Junior Olya Stang completed their internships at the world famous Georgia Aquarium. Chris’s internship at the Georgia Aquarium involved work on creating a prototype motion tracking device for use on whale sharks in the wild. The prototype used Arduino based hardware and software, which is easy to modify and expand upon. This open source electronics platform enabled Chris to build this prototype from the ground up using custom programming and design.

Olya’s internship involved working with the moon jellyfish. She studied their nutritional needs to create an experiment to further explore what those needs were. This will guide improvements in their diet to meet their specific nutritional needs.