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Developing The Arts Created In Us

The visual and performing arts offer all students the opportunity to use the creative gifts that God has given them. Through the arts our students learn to solve problems and make informed decisions. They learn how to work collaboratively and develop skills in organizing, evaluating and interpreting information. They become adept at making decisions concerning materials and techniques. Research shows that students who complete cooperative creative group tasks tend to have higher academic test scores, stronger social skills and greater content knowledge and skills.

Students may continue their fine arts development in high school, participating in a variety of fine arts coursework in film related studies, which may incorporate writing (scripts, etc.) or performing (acting.) Students may decide to pursue advanced study in the arts through the Masterwork Studios Pathway. Whether it is written, visual, or performance based, the Masterwork Studio is designed to offer an in depth study of the Liberal and Fine Arts categories. For more information about Masterwork Studios, click here.

The visual and film related art courses at Cherokee Christian Schools provide students an environment where the process of discovery, exploration and creativity is celebrated. The creative ability of each student is developed into talent through practice and perseverance. In primary school, students progressively build on the foundational fine arts skills and knowledge learned in the year before. By the time the students enter secondary school, they are offered more specialized training.

The fine arts secondary school student also has access to leadership opportunities through their participation in the Masterwork Studios program if they choose this focus.