High School Creative Arts

The high school has an active Student Arts Guild which welcomes practicing artists, patrons, admirers, novices, and masters alike. Students met twice a month to learn, practice and enjoyed the arts amongst a group of like-minded individuals. Activities include informal coffee house performance, workshops to try new skills, parties, outings and more.

Annually CCHS students have the opportunity for international travel, exploring the art, architecture, history and culture of other countries. In years past CCHS has traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe. CCHS contracts with a tour company that specializes in educational tours, EF Tours. EF is a world leader in educational travel with over 40 years of experience. There is no better way than travel to ignite a student’s curiosity about the world around them them and motivate them to become lifelong learners!

The school generously provides CCHS seniors a travel stipend to participate in this international travel opportunity. Seniors receive $150 dollars for every year they have consecutively attended CCS, including their senior year. For example, a senior who joined CCS in 7th grade would receive a stipend of $900.

World Studies Trip Greece

Preparing Students for a Future in the Fine Arts

When students enter high school, those students wishing to prepare to pursue the fine arts in college may elect to participate in the Masterwork Studios Pathway. Whether it is written, visual or performance based, the Masterwork Studio is designed to offer and in depth study of the Liberal and Fine Arts categories. For more information about Masterwork Studios, click here. Electives available in high school are found in the Course Catalogue. Fine arts students should consult with the Director of Fine Arts to develop a logical progression for taking these courses.

Extracurricular Opportunities

The High School Theater program at CCHS operates as a club that meets regularly and performs up to four times per year. Any interested student is invited to come to the bi-weekly meetings and audition for performances. Not an actor? There are many supporting roles where you can get involved: running sound and light, instrumental accompaniment, costuming, make up, stage design, set painting, publicity and more.

Contact the Fine Arts Director, Mrs. Susan Gum for more information.

Email Mrs. Gum