Middle School Arts

Fine Arts

Visual Arts

The middle school art electives introduce students to the various forms of the visual arts, such as painting, drawing, sculpting and more. Students learn how to look at a work of art, identify and compare key characteristics in artworks, and understand the role that art has played throughout history. Through hands-on studio activities, virtual museum tours, discussion and research, learners develop an overall appreciation for the art they encounter in their daily lives and the ability to manipulate a variety of art mediums.

Choral Performance

The middle school Choral elective provides progressive development of choral performance skills from 6th through 8th grade. First-year students are introduced to the basics of choral music, including proper singing techniques as well as beginning performance techniques. Second- and third-year students continue to build on their knowledge of sight-singing, music history as it relates to choral music, musical expression and performance techniques, as well as have opportunities for solo and duet performances.

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