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Visual Arts and Music for K-6

Visual Arts

Students in grades K-6 are introduced to the basic elements of design used by an artist when creating a work of art (color, value, line, shape, form, texture and space). Students learn art principles including balance, emphasis, harmony, variety, gradation, movement, rhythm and proportion. Each student develops abilities to:

  • express ideas in original works of art in many mediums
  • develop an understanding of art and artists of different cultures and historical periods
  • learn to evaluate their own artworks and the work of others
  • experience collaborative team work and problem solving


Students in grades K-6th receive general music instruction which introduces:

  • Vocal instruction (folk songs, proper singing form, hymns)
  • Basic music theory (reading music, note values, rhythm, musical form)
  • Hands on practice (may include rhythm instruments, recorders, drums, or other instruments)
  • Movement (individual and group)
  • Music history (composers, orchestral instruments)


Extracurricular Opportunities

After School Program

The Fine Arts Department has designed the primary extracurricular art program to supplement the weekly arts curriculum. These additional classes may offer experiences not offered in the regular classroom, and build on skills taught in the regular classroom at an advanced level. The philosophy of this program is to build competencies and enthusiasm in our students who have a demonstrated passion for the arts. These extracurricular classes better prepare them for more advanced study in secondary school electives. All of these classes are staffed by practicing professionals in their field of study. The extracurricular program is run on a fee basis and is completely self-supporting. 

Summer Arts Program

The Summer Art Camp is designed as an extension of the arts programming at CCS. This program is open to both CCS students and the community at large. The program incorporates many mediums and is generally theme-based. The intent of the program is to incorporate all aspects of the visual and performing arts. The camp is staffed by practicing professionals in their field of study and is run on a fee basis making it completely self-supporting.