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What about Common Core and Cherokee Christian Schools?

classroom-4_1800The implementation of Common Core standards is causing a raging philosophical battle across our country. As with anything else, there are likely parts of the Common Core initiative that are not problematic. However, there are some significant areas that should concern parents and several of those areas are found in the philosophy of education that has been part of public education in America for years. Below, you will find the facts about Common Core (CC) standards as they relate to our school (CCS).

  • CCS is not tied to Common Core nor is CCS required to implement Common Core.
  • We are not involved in whatever “data collection” might be connected with Common Core.
  • We are not required to administer either of the two major Common Core aligned tests (PARCC or Smarter Balanced).
  • We do not engage in the testing regimen that is common in public schools, where students are constantly being tested, prepped for, or being taught to the test.
  • We regularly evaluate our curriculum and textbooks to find those materials that best support our own learning objectives. Some of those materials might state that they are “Common Core Aligned.” We still examine them to see if they support our teaching.