CCS’ Guardians of the Galaxy

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Sometimes my wife and I look at the movies that are being produced and exclaim, “I can’t believe people watch that stuff! Too many movies are being made that reduce a person’s mind to the intellectual level of my grandson’s pet turtle!” But, then I think about the movies that we enjoy- superhero movies- and find that we may be open to challenges that we aren’t exactly curators of the finest in film.

Guardians of the Galaxy is one such superhero movie, albeit the heroes may be better described as misfits with an admirable sense of honor and purpose. Each character displays their unique strengths and weaknesses, but are united in their mission to guard the galaxy against those that desire to bring it harm.

Cherokee Christian also has its own Guardians of the Galaxy. In order to avoid offending them, I will not describe them as misfits. Instead, I will use the Biblical term, “fallen.” Each one has his own set of strengths and weaknesses, but these fallen humans are fitted together to form one body with the united mission to protect the CCS galaxy (campus) from anything that could bring harm to its inhabitants- your children. Those guardians are the employees of CCS.

Money has been invested, plans have been drawn, and procedures have been created all with the intention of building a safety net around the CCS galaxy. However, just as it is in the movie, the Guardians don’t always get things right. They not only misread their enemies, they occasionally misread their friends. Sometimes, in their determination to be effective Guardians, they miss opportunities to do something new or better. But, the good news is that they eventually get it right, the good guys win, and once again, the galaxy is saved.

Let me make one more analogy. The Guardians of the Galaxy typically do not get it done on their own. They get help from their friends in various parts of the galaxy. So too, our CCS Guardians need the help and patience of our friends, our CCS parents. We need you to be united with us as joint CCS Guardians of the CCS campus. At times, this may even present an inconvenience for our parents and may test your patience. But know this: all of our systems and procedures have been designed to protect the greatest gift that God has entrusted to you- your children. As always, we ask for you to pray for wisdom and grace for the CCS Guardians- fallen, yet determined to achieve our mission.