Capital Campaign

Building on the Word

The Lord has always been very gracious to Cherokee Christian Schools. He has provided in many ways over the last 30 years, but even more dramatically in the past 16 years. During these last 16 years, He has provided the funds to:

  • Build a new school in 2000
  • Add an extension wing in 2003
  • Build needed additional infrastructure in 2005
  • Purchase land in 2006
  • Complete the first phase of a middle school building in 2006
  • Finish the second phase of the middle school building in 2007
  • Purchase 10 additional acres in 2008
  • Construct a brand new 26,000 square foot high school in 2009

Warrior Trivia

Warrior Trivia

Did You Know?

More than 6 million dollars has been given to CCS since 2005!


Our goal for the near future is to expand the existing gymnasium.

The gym expansion will include a separate area where a permanent stage will be constructed along with a small kitchen that will serve the new cafeteria. This will allow for drama practices and sports practices to take place simultaneously and expand the overall use of the gym and flexibility of scheduling events.

If you would like additional information, please call or write to (via our contact form) Superintendent, Mike Lee, for further information.

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