Creating a Safer Environment in Light of Covid-19

Creating a Safer Environment in Light of Covid-19

While no environment can prohibit 100% of disease transmission, certain protocols and physical changes can be instituted that will significantly deter, block, or kill harmful pathogens. Here are some of the changes that are planned for August, 2020, in order to create a safer environment for CCS students and teachers:

  1. Limiting class sizes to achieve social distancing-CCS is blessed to have large, spacious classrooms and by limiting each class to a maximum of 18 students, students can enjoy a desk space of approximately 5-6 feet from their fellow students.
  2. Physical barriers– The configuration of the Technology Center does not allow for social distancing. In order to achieve a similar effect, shields will be created between workstations (possibly clear plexiglass).
  3. In order to diminish opportunities for transmission from door handles, motorized (no touch) doors have been installed in the lobbies of the lower and upper school buildings. The doors will be controlled remotely by employees and volunteers in the Administrative area.
  4. Plexiglass will be installed at the counters in both buildings. This will mitigate possible transmission of pathogens from visitors to employees.
  5. Hand sanitizer has been in every classroom in the past. In addition, hand sanitizer stations will be installed in the lobbies for visitors.
  6. New protocols for frequent professional sanitization of the entire school.
  7. More training of the children to build habits around effective hand washing and other health behavior.
  8. New signage to reinforce healthy behaviors.
  9. Greater adherence to policies regarding when parents should keep a sick child at home as well as greater vigilance of students at school who may be ill.

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