Free Self-Defense Class on January 21, 2017

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Free Ladies Self-Defense Class on
January 21, 2017

Cherokee Christian School is offering a free self-defense class for ladies on Saturday January 21,2017 from 1-4 p.m. in the gym.
CCHS girls and moms are invited to participate. We only have room for 50 so sign up quickly!
Participants should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, athletic shoes and be ready for an intense and physically involved class. This class will be lead by Sigung Chris Newbury from Griffins Kajukenbo. Kajukenbo is a mixed martial art that incorporates traditional martial arts and adapts the techniques for real life, street applications. The self-defense course will teach: how to identify a threat, how to avoid the threat and if avoidance is not possible, how to take action and preserve oneself. The aim is to teach a variety of simple techniques, which can be adapted and blended together for each unique situation that may be encountered.

Click here to contact Christie Murphey to sign up!