Continuity Between Grade Levels

Often, we are asked the question, “At what age is it most important for my child to be in a Premier Christian School?” We answer the question with a question: “At what age would you like to give your child less than the best for his future?

Beginning in kindergarten, our schools are designed to build the heart and mind of a student so that they will be prepared to succeed spiritually, academically, and socially for the rest of their life.

The world is rapidly changing. College entrance and completion will be more difficult in the years ahead. Global competition will make financial security more challenging. Spiritual declination will confront the Christian with new obstacles.

Cherokee Christian Schools provides a safe and caring environment in which the foundations of Christian thinking are built without the confusion of false ideas presented in a secular school setting. The primary school seamlessly meshes with the secondary school to prepare the student for a rigorous college prep experience.

Clearly, the best education is one that has continuity between grade levels. We invite you to join us!