Middle School

Fifth – Eighth Grade

The middle school, for students in fifth through eighth grade, provides a time of transition from elementary school to the rigors of high school work. As individuals moving through a special stage of life, middle school students have particular needs, which are met both through academic work and through the faithful ministries of caring teachers. Students in middle school are making a transition from childhood to adulthood, and will frequently exhibit characteristics of both stages.

In the CCA middle school, students are noticed and treated as distinct individuals, created in the image of God, with their own unique talents and abilities. Students learn how to utilize each other’s gifts for the good of all. CCA middle school students are not just part of the crowd. The teachers in our middle school recognize the need to lead these young men and women into Christian maturity, discipling them to exhibit godly character and self-discipline.

Essential study skills, along with increasingly more challenging content, are emphasized through coursework in Bible (a study on understanding the unbiblical worldviews of today, how to handle money in a Biblical way, how to interact relationally in a Biblical way, how to study the Bible, scripture memorization, and more), literature (appreciating different genre of literature, using critical thinking skills, creative writing), grammar, history (state and world), mathematics (general, pre-algebra, algebra 1), and science.

Students may choose from a menu of electives each year. Examples of electives are classes such as Forensics, Journalism, Foreign Language, Computer Programming, Intro to STEM. In addition, all middle school students participate in music, art, and physical education classes. Chapel is held once a week.

Our 7th and 8th grade middle school students participate in the school’s BYOD program (Bring Your Own Device), enabling all students to use technology to the fullest. This is an academic environment where technology significantly enhances the level of learning.

Rounding out the middle school education are various field trips that support the curriculum. Our middle school begins at 8:30 am and finishes at 3:00 pm. Each classroom is designed to accommodate up to 24 students.

Warrior Trivia

Warrior Trivia

Did You Know?

Our national test scores are traditionally in the 95th percentile!