2020 Summer Sports Activities

All camp grades are based on 2020-2021 school year

Sports Day Camp

This is a fun and exciting camp with numerous activities for campers. We will play soccer, basketball, kickball, volleyball, capture the flag, water games, and so much more.

  • Grades 1-4th | July 6—9 , 9:00am—12:00pm
  • 2nd + child is $75
Register - $125

Summer Volleyball Practice

12 Hours of fundamentals and game development. Please note, unless unavailable, attending at least one of these camps is required for participation in the 2020 season, but attending each is encouraged.


  • Sessions I, II, and III | 5th-8th grade: 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Sessions I, II, and III | 9th-12th grade: 2:30pm—5:30pm


  • Session I | June 8—11
  • Session II | June 15–18
  • Session III | July 6 –9, 5th-9th grade: 9:30am-12:30pm; 9th-12th grade: 2:30pm—5:30pm
  • (subject to updates)

*Special Pricing Packages*

  • Attend 1 Session – $150,
  • Attend 2 Sessions – $250
  • Attend all 3 Sessions – $300


Register -$150-300

Jr. Volleyball Camp

8 hours of camp focusing on fundamentals, game development, and competitive games.

  • Session I| 1st – 4th Grade| July 6—9, 1:00pm —2:30pm
Register - $75

Cheerleading Camps

Campers will learn dances, cheers, sideline chants, stunts, jumps, and more. You don’t want to miss this!

  • MS/HS Cheer (5th-12th grade)—$100 | June 15-18, 9:00am -12:00pm
  • Jr Cheer (1st-4th grade)—$75| June 8-10, 10:00am -12:00pm
$100 (MS&HS) $75 (Jr.)

Summer Soccer Practice

Practices focusing on fundamentals, skill development, and game development with HS Boys’ Coach, Grayson Rogers. Please note, unless unavailable, this camp is required for participation in the 2021 season.

  • Grades 5th—12th | June 15—18, 4:00pm —6:00pm
Register - $100

Jr. Soccer Camp

8 hours of camp focusing on fundamentals, game development, and competitive games.

  • Session I| 1st – 4th Grade| June 15—18, 6:00pm —7:00pm
Register - $75

Wrestling Camp

Cherokee Christian is heading into the third year of MS & HS wrestling. Coach Hechavarria is looking to add students to our teams. This camp is for anyone interested, no experience required.

  • Experienced and Beginner | Grades 5th –12th |July 13-16, 2:30pm—5:30pm
Register - $100

Camp UNGUARDABLE with skills trainer Brett Camp

This camp is for any player with the desire and work ethic to become the most unguardable offensive basketball player they can be. Camp Unguardable will use a combination of film study and on-court sessions to help players maximize their skill sets.

  • Grades 8th—12th | July 13—16, 12:00pm—2:30pm

About Brett:

He played varsity basketball at Johnson University for 4 seasons as a point guard. Brett led the nation in 3 point shooting percentage during the 2016-17 season making just under 50%. Since beginning my training career, Brett has worked with players ranging from Kindergarten to NBA draft prospects. Recently has had the opportunity to train NCAA Division 1 All-Americans, WNBA First Round Picks, a former NCAA Division 1 leading scorer, an SEC 6th man of the year, All SEC players, NBA G-League players, Overseas professionals, small college basketball All-Americans, and high school players that received all-state and all region honors. Brett specialize in running skills camps and clinics as well as daily training sessions that focus on building a player’s skill set with their ultimate basketball dreams in mind.

Register - $150

Jr. Basketball Camp

8 hours of camp focusing on fundamentals, game development, and competitive games from Coaches Dale Crowell & Alex Teate.

  • Grades 1st—4th | June 22-25, 9:00am– 10:30am
Register - $75

Summer Basketball Practice

10 hours of camp focusing on fundamentals, game development, and competitive games from Coaches Dale Crowell & Alex Teate. Please note, unless unavailable, these camps are required for participation in 2020-21 season.

  • Session I | 5th—12th Girls | June 22—June 25, 10:30am – 1:00pm
  • Session II | 5th—8th Boys | June 22—June 25, 1:00pm—3:30pm
  • Session III | 9th—12th Boys | June 22—June 25, 3:30pm—6:00pm
Register - $100

Basketball Open Gym

Work on your shot, ball handling, or scrimmage with friends for a couple of hours in the CCS gym. The gym will be open 2 days a week to work on your game at your pace.

  • June 3nd–July 16th (6 Weeks)
  • Grades 5th—12th | Tuesday & Thursday | 6:00pm–8:00pm
Register - $75

Summer Strength Training

CCS is offering a comprehensive Strength, Speed and Agility program for young men and women in Grades 7-12. All athletes are instructed on proper lifting techniques and safety procedures. This program is designed to help prevent injuries and increase an athlete’s strength, power and agility with Coaches Alex Teate (Boy’s) and Tisha Goodrich (Girl’s)

  • June 1st–July 23th (7 Weeks)
  • 7th—12th Girls |M, T & TR |1:00pm–2:30pm
  • 7th—12th Boys |M, T & TR |10:30pm–12:00pm
Register - $100

Fitness Boot Camp

Come get in top notch shape before fall sports start with Coach Teate. You will get a full body workout in just 1.5 hours working on cardio and core, along with upper and lower body strength. This camp will give you a distinct advantage heading into Football, X country, Volleyball, or Basketball.

  • Grades 5th—12th | July 20—23, 9:00am—10:30am
Register - $75