Tele-Education FAQs

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  • How do I submit a Schoology assignment from the iPad?
    Click for a quick how-to PDF explanation.
  • How do I log into the Schoology smartphone/tablet app?
  • I’m a K-4th parent. How does my child submit assignments?
    There are helpful PDF instructions on the CCA Elementary Student Life course in Schoology. Click this link and sign in as your student to see them.
  • My Schoology Parent account has an overwhelming number of email notifications. How do I limit notifications?
    1. Log in to your parent Schoology account. In the upper right corner, click on the down arrow, and select your name (not your student’s name).
    2. Click the down arrow again and choose Settings.
    3. Click the Notifications tab.
    4. Select Turn Off All Notifications to establish a baseline.
    5. Next, selectively turn these notifications back ON:
      1. Course Update Posted – when a teacher posts an announcement to the class
      2. Course Content Created (optional) – when the teacher adds something to the course, like a new assignment. This may send you a lot of notifications
      3. School Update – for school-wide announcements
      4. Receive a private message – when a teacher sends you a private message in Schoology
  • I can’t see all my courses in Schoology. Where are they?
    Schoology, by default only shows 12 courses and groups. Some students go over this default when you add up classes and interest groups (e.g. student life) they are members of. Here's how you see all courses and groups. Student Logins: Find and click on "Course Dashboard". Parent Logins: Find and click on "Enrollments".  
  • What’s the difference between logging into Schoology as a parent and as a student?


    • Create accounts at with their own email addresses
    • Can access class and school info for multiple students
    • Can only view student assignment, not interact with them
    • Schoology has general information on parent accounts here. More, detailed information on the differences between parent and student accounts is here.


    • Log into Schoology via the special link:
    • Log in using their email account with the assigned school password
    • Can fully interact with class materials
  • How do I get to Schoology?

    It is different for parents and students.





  • My student can’t log out of Schoology. What do I do?

    NOTE: Typically students/parents will encounter this issue only if there are multiple students attempting to use the same web browser to access Schoology.

    Because of our integration with Microsoft, students cannot log out of Schoology directly. Instead...
    1. Go to the Microsoft Office365 website ( Sign in if necessary.
    2. Click the circle at the top right of page. (see image below)
    3. Click sign out.
    4. The next time you go to Schoology (, you will be signed out.

    One way to get around this issue is to use separate browsers for each student. (e.g. one student could Chrome and the other could use FireFox)

Zoom Conferencing

  • How do I use Zoom to connect to with my teacher for their office hours? When are their office hours?
    Teachers will post their Zoom link and office hours on Schoology in your courses. To connect to your teacher's office hours:
    1. Go to Schoology and find your teacher's Zoom link.
    2. Click on the link
    3. Zoom will launch and open the meeting with your teacher.
  • How do I get Zoom? Do I need to create an account?
    1. Download Zoom from If you use iPhone, Android, or iPad go to your app store and download Zoom Cloud Meetings.
    2. Run the installer program
    3. Once installed, your are done and ready to join teacher office hours using the meeting link they post in Schoology.
    4. If needed, click for more installation help from Zoom.
        ---> You do NOT need to create your own Zoom account to participate in CCS Teacher Office Hours over Zoom. <---
  • What is Zoom?
    Zoom is an online conferencing platform that CCS is using to host office hours with students.