Titus Hanham

Titus Hanham


Joining the CCS family in 2016, Titus Hanham is serving in our STEM and Mathematics departments. His classes include STEM related classes in the secondary school, along with Math classes and a Math Lab in our 5/6 program.

Mr. Hanham began teaching computer science in 1986 at a Christian school in Miami, Florida, the city where he was born and raised. He has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bryan College and an MA from Dallas Seminary. He is fluent in Russian, having served in Russia for many years with The Navigators. He enjoys camping, travel and music and enjoys serving as a high school discussion leader in his local church. His wife, Anya, currently works in our GrowthCare program and his sons are students at CCS.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bryan College 

Master of Arts from Dallas Seminary