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Founded in 1895 as the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), and formerly named AdvancED, Cognia accredits over 13,000 schools and school systems throughout the United States and overseas.

Cognia accredited schools are recognized and approved by the Georgia Department of Education for purposes of transferring credits to public schools on the same basis as students from one public school to another. According to Rule 160-5-1-.15 of the Department of Education in relation to transfer of credits, no additional testing or any type of requirements over and above those for students from public schools will be made for students from Cognia accredited schools.

The Georgia Board of Regents recognizes graduates of Cognia accredited schools for college entrance to any institution of the University System of Georgia on the same basis as graduates from public schools. The HOPE Scholarship Program of the Georgia Student Finance Authority recognizes graduates of all schools accredited under Cognia to be eligible for HOPE Scholarships on the same basis as graduates of Georgia public schools.