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An investment worth making…

There is really no way around it. Private education at any level can cost a lot of money. At CCS, we are truly mindful of this fact. We work hard to operate as cost-effectively as possible while upholding standards of excellence that are essential to our mission. Our sincere desire is that every parent who is committed to providing the kind of educational expericence CCS offers will be able to do so at an affordable price. Personal sacrifices may still be necessary, but a Christian education at CCS is an investment worth making.

Tuition Rates

2024/25 School Year*

GradeAnnual TuitionStudent Life Fee
Pre-K Half Day$5,000$150
Primary (1st-6th)$14,875$150
Secondary (7th-8th)$15,475$500
Secondary (9th-12th)$16,475$500

*Click here for International Tuition Rates.

Important Tuition Details:

  • Tuition may be paid in full for an additional 3% discount.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and semester payment plans available without additional finance charges.
  • Tuition includes all textbook fees for Pre-K-12.

Available Discounts

Family Loyalty Discounts

Per Year
Discount Potential


Multi-Student Discounts


2 Students
(Per Student)

3+ Students
(Per Student)

Primary (1st-6th)$1,400$2,100
Secondary (7th-8th)$1,400$2,100
Secondary (9th-12th)$1,500$2,300

Tuition Assistance

While tuition at Cherokee Christian School is a great value for private education in our area, we understand that financial constraints make it impossible for some families to attend CCS without assistance. We have needs based scholarships that help minimize the financial barrier for enrollment at CCS for most families.

Are monthly tuition payment plans available to families?
Yes! All families may set up payment plans for a nominal fee. Monthly, quarterly, or semester based plans are available. Payment plans are available regardless of whether or not a family receives tuition assistance.
What are the deadlines to apply for tuition assistance?

There are specific deadlines. The tuition assistance website opens in January. Applications for returning families are due by March 31st.

Is tuition assistance available for all grades?
Yes, tuition assistance is available for all grades Pre-K through 12th.
Are there other tuition assistance opportunities such as academic merit or athletic scholarships?
No. CCS focuses tuition assistance efforts on the individual financial needs of its families.
Does tuition assistance need to be repaid?
No. All tuition assistance is in the form of a grant. It is NOT a loan that must be paid back.
Can families of new students apply for tuition assistance before submitting a new student application?

Yes… sort of. While families new to CCS may apply for tuition assistance ahead of acceptance, tuition assistance is neither considered nor awarded until a student has applied and been accepted. Our Admissions department will help guide you during this process.

Must returning families fill out the tuition assistance form every year?
Yes! All families that want tuition assistance consideration must complete the application process every year. The application process is shorter for returning families.

Quick Links & Facts:

Scholarship Information:
Other Quick Links:
  • Required before tuition assistance will be considered
  • Our 24-25 FACTS Application opens January 1st, 2024
Financial Assistance Deadlines:
  • Applications open in January each year, for both returning and new families.
  • Applications for returning families must be fully completed & submitted by March 31st. Applications received afterwards will not receive the same consideration. New families may apply at any time during the application process. 
  • CCS will review and return award decisions to families as quickly as possible.
Quick FACTS:
  • CCS uses a partner company, FACTS Management, to collect and process the family financial information needed to make tuition assistance decisions.
  • FACTS also enables monthly tuition payment plans, available to all families.