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Redirect your GA taxes to CCS!

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Redirect tax dollars
to Christian education

Redirect Part of Your State Taxes to Scholarships

Enable the next generation to get a great education, and take control of your tax money – it’s that simple!

Through GOAL, every dollar you direct to scholarships will be a dollar you receive back as a CREDIT against state taxes owed!

The benefits of redirecting a portion of your state taxes:

  • See more children learn about CHRIST.
  • Help families afford a private Christian education at CCS.
  • Control how your TAXES are spent.
  • Up to $2,500 for individuals, $5,000 for couples. Even more for businesses.

E4 GOAL Scholarship 1-2-3:

Commit By Year-End

Commit to the GOAL Scholarship before year-end through the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Organization. 

You don’t make the actual contribution until the following March. Georgia GOAL takes care of all the details: submitting your paperwork with the Georgia DoR and notifying you when it’s time to contribute.

Contribute in March

No money is due until the February/March timeframe.

Credited Later

You receive your contribution back as a 100% tax credit when you file your Georgia state taxes the year you give to GOAL.

For example: If you make your contribution to GOAL in March of 2024, you’ll receive the tax credit when you file your 2024 taxes.

    Register For Tax Credit

    Through GOAL, every dollar you direct to scholarships will be a dollar you receive back as a CREDIT against state taxes owed! To redirect your tax dollars, complete the online application or call Christie Murphey or Cassie Anderson TODAY at 678-494-5464.