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When Does College Preparation Begin?

At Cherokee Christian Schools, we have college entrance and post college success in mind for your child as we teach and train beginning in kindergarten!

You may not think of the early years of schooling in this way. You may be planning to address the issue of college placement and success when your child gets to high school. However, the world is changing rapidly and so are the requirements that colleges are placing on applicants to their institution.

Recent developments in the University of Georgia system of colleges and universities are little different than their counterparts in other states. Due to economic conditions, state budgets for education have gotten smaller, tuitions have increased, and demands on state scholarship organizations (such as HOPE) have increased. This is resulting in a more competitive college acceptance environment.

We believe that a Premier School must be designed to prepare a student for college and life success from the very early years of a child’s education. Cherokee Christian Academy prepares elementary aged students for middle school years; Middle School prepares the student for Cherokee Christian High School, and CCHS prepares the student for college and beyond.

Through and through, Cherokee Christian Schools is designed to give a Premier Scholastic Experience which will continue into the critical high school years.

We are looking forward to partnering with you as you work on the great God given responsibility of raising your children to be productive citizens for Christ.