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College credit
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Dual Enrollment programs afford qualifying high school students the opportunity to begin challenging themselves with college courses during their Junior and Senior years at Cherokee Christian Schools. In accordance with our mission, CCS partners with Toccoa Falls College, a Christian college in North Georgia, to offer 29 college credit hours that fully reflect the commitment to Christian education our families desire.

Credits offered through Dual Enrollment are protected by state transfer laws and guaranteed to be accepted at any school in Georgia. Out of state institutions always reserve the right to determine which credits to accept, regardless of the school at which they were completed. Furthermore, all colleges reserve the right to require courses within a Major or Concentration to be completed at their institution. Cherokee Christian focuses its offerings on general education requirements to ensure the broadest possible applicability.

Dual Enrollment Courses

CourseCollege Credits
College Algebra3 Credits
College Trigonometry3 Credits
Chemistry 14 Credits
Chemistry 24 Credits
U.S. History 13 Credits
U.S. History 23 Credits
World Geography3 Credits
English Composition 13 Credits
English Composition 23 Credits

Above all else…

It is the integrative nature of our program that sets us apart. Dual Enrollment courses at CCS are delivered by CCS instructors who also hold the qualifications to serve as Adjunct Professors through Toccoa Falls. These courses are offered throughout the course of our normal school day and don’t require any additional commuting, fees, or materials. For students with differing interests, we are even able to facilitate online courses through Toccoa Falls. We encourage you to speak with our Academic Counselor for more information.

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