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Redirect Part of Your State Taxes to Scholarships

Carry out the Great Commission, enable the next generation to get a great education, and take control of your tax money – it’s that simple!

Through GOAL, every dollar you direct to scholarships will be a dollar you receive back as a CREDIT against state taxes owed!

The benefits of redirecting a portion of your state taxes:

  • See more children learn about CHRIST
  • Help kids afford a PREMIER education
  • Control how your TAXES are spent
Four Easy Steps
  1. Tell us how much of your state tax to redirect to scholarships:
    • Married couples filing jointly maximum $2,500
    • Single filer maximum $1,000
    • S Corps, LLCs, partnerships maximum $10,000
  2. We’ll complete the paperwork for you and submit it to GOAL.
  3. Send your contribution by check or credit card to GOAL.
  4. Receive a dollar for dollar credit when you file your Georgia taxes for the tax year of your contribution!

Register For Tax Credit

Through GOAL, every dollar you direct to scholarships will be a dollar you receive back as a CREDIT against state taxes owed!

…for EVERY DOLLAR you direct to scholarships, you receive that dollar back as a CREDIT AGAINST TAXES owed!

To redirect your tax dollars, complete the online application or call Kim Howell, Christie Murphey, or Cassie Anderson TODAY at 678-494-5464.