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Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Our primary grades place an emphasis on developing sound foundations for academic studies and excellence. It is a time when basic skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values are instilled and reinforced with a thorough integration of Biblical truth in all areas of student life at CCS.

Our primary school begins at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 3:00 p.m. Each classroom is designed to accommodate up to 24 students. Teachers are provided with assistants to help carry the load and attend to individual needs when required.


The kindergarten years are vitally important in the Christian nurture of children. It is at this time that basic values are instilled and reinforced. Most importantly, a love for learning about God and His world needs to be instilled in the students to help motivate them through the rest of their lives. Cherokee Christian Academy (CCA) emphasizes the centrality of faithful, loving obedience to the Word of our Lord. Daily classroom devotions are one key element of this training. In addition, teachers apply the Word of God to the classroom and interpersonal situations throughout the day, demonstrating how God’s people are to live before Him. Kindergarten students mature and learn at many different rates. One five-year-old student may have mastered the basic elements of phonics and be reading short stories by Christmas, while another five-year-old may still be working on learning the letters of the alphabet. Students also have individual spiritual and behavioral needs. Therefore, our kindergarten class is staffed with a full-time Teacher’s Assistant who enables the students at CCA to receive the individual attention required.

CCA offers a full-day (8:30-3:00) kindergarten class starting at age 5 as of September 1st, which can accommodate up to twenty-four students. The full-day program includes a lunch and nap period as well as additional enrichment activities that correlate with the curriculum. The academics covered are outlined below:

  • Bible – To acquaint children with the record of God’s work throughout the pages of Scripture, Bible is taught in a survey format beginning at creation and going through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.
  • Language Arts – Essential skills for reading are emphasized through a well-rounded program of phonics instruction. Learning letters and sounds, phonemic awareness and blending activities all combine to enable the kindergarten child to read well by the end of the year.
  • Math – Foundational math concepts provide a firm base for further learning and are presented in interesting, “hands-on” activities and include instruction in simple addition and subtraction as well as principles of place value, measurement, time, money, calendar, and graphing.
  • History – History is taught using a curriculum that focuses the child on what is occurring in God’s world and that He is sovereign over all.
  • Science – Science is taught using teacher-created unit studies covering trees, leaves, birds, and various other aspects of God’s creation.
  • Technology– students visit the technology center so they can begin to learn how to use computers.

1st - 6th Grade

First through sixth grades build upon the foundation laid in Kindergarten. Essential study skills are emphasized through the following coursework: Bible, language arts (reading, handwriting, comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciations, word usage, grammar and more), literature, history, mathematics, and science. Our Technology Center features 24 computers so even in a full class, every student has their own workstation.  Students also enjoy participating in special subjects such as, music, art, computer, and physical education classes. Chapel is held once a week.

Various field trips are included to show the students how their learning applies in the world. Field trips are varied both in terms of venue and focus. A few examples: Art of the Season (how various cultures celebrate Christmas), Georgia Aquarium (God’s creation), Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (the gift of music), MUST Ministries (service opportunity), and Georgia State Capitol (civic involvement).