Carpool Procedures

Morning Carpool Video Tutorial

Who am I dropping off at school this morning?

This is the key question that will help you smoothly navigate your way through morning carpool. Once you answer this basic question, here is what you need to know:

  • I am ONLY dropping off an elementary student(s)… FOLLOW LANE 1.
  • I ONLY need to get up to the high school building… FOLLOW LANE 1.

  • I am dropping off a middle school student(s) with or without elementary students… FOLLOW LANES 2 OR 3.

  • I am a high school student driver dropping off my younger sibling(s)…
    • FOLLOW LANE 1 for ONLY elementary siblings as shown above.
    • FOLLOW LANE 2 then MERGE TO LANE 1 for middle school siblings.

Afternoon carpool procedures have not changed.

Please make sure to bring your carpool tag and follow the directions of our carpool staff.



You can download a PDF of the morning carpool procedures with screenshots here.

Download PDF