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Mission Statement

We exist to impart the knowledge, tools, and skills students need to walk wisely and serve redemptively in God’s world.

Teachers at Cherokee Christian Schools are committed to working with parents in a true partnership. For example, we know that effective communication between teacher and parent is vital to the success of our mission. Therefore, we have invested in Schoology – a powerful yet user friendly system that allows the parent to view the grades, attendance, and assignments of students on line. In addition, Schoology is used by teachers each day to post homework, test/quiz announcements, and important downloads.

We believe that the job of the school is not to take over the duties of parents, but to support and assist them in carrying out their God-given responsibility to educate their children according to the Word of God.

Our teachers are thoroughly screened to ensure their perspective is one of Biblical Christianity. CCS is committed to naturally integrating Biblical values into all areas of the child’s life, from peer interactions to the content of the lessons. The value system and life view presented by our faculty is wholly Christian.


Preparing Students To Walk Wisely

Our mission to prepare students to walk wisely in this world cannot be accomplished apart from a great partnership with our school parents. It is the parents who are primarily accountable to God for raising their children in the nurture and admonishment of the Lord. Parents may choose to contract with Cherokee Christian to assist them in this wonderful God given responsibility.



CCS recognizes four “pillars” of education that lead towards wisdom and maturity (Spiritual, Academic, Social, and Physical). When these “pillars” are built upon the Word of God, great things happen. We strive to edify the whole child by developing and enriching each “pillar” during their educational experience



Teachers at Cherokee Christian Schools are retained on the basis of merit, not tenure. The grid through which all teachers are evaluated includes Christian character, teaching skills, academic achievement, teachability, classroom management, creativity, flexibility, discernment, and love for children.



Each year, CCS analyzes materials for currency, effectiveness, and quality, choosing the very best curriculum available from a variety of publishers while striving to ensure each student receives the best education available. Standardized test results are used each year to help assess curriculum choices.



Cherokee Christian Schools employ a standard uniform for elementary, middle, and high school grades. As a result, the school has enjoyed an atmosphere of greater order and appearance. Children are less tempted to exclude those who don’t dress “a certain way” or buy a particular brand, and distractions are reduced.